Will the Federal Government stand up for PwD in 2021-22?

09/23/2020 Throne Speech Announcement
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04/19/2021 Budget 2021
07/08/2021 This Picture by C. Qualtro MP
11/23/2021 Throne Speech 2021

COVID19 entered our country and changed the economic situation of every single Canadian. Yet, throughout the pandemic Social Supports for the Disabled have yet to materialize. What will this mean for the Disabled?

On September 23, 2020 they were promised help. The Liberal Government of Canada had announced a new benefit called the “Canada Disability Benefit” which was supposed to be designed as a program like OAS (Old Age Security) where the disabled would receive a top up if under a certain income.

Yet, instead of enacting a program, they enacted a 3 year study. This right after an announcement that set the provinces on a path of doing nothing with their rates waiting on the feds. Now our Disabled are severely hurting, waiting, for what will surely be until at least the next budget in the province they live in.

Cir. Early 2020

So how does Basic Income come into play? Why not just give the CDB program a try? Because it won’t work. Simply trying to top up Millions of Canadians who all have different rates will just exasperate the social and economic divide between the working class and the unable to work class.

We need a solution that actually maintains them above the poverty line, not keep them under it. With a Basic Income that gives a Non-Means Tested portion to those in a household with a Disability, it can’t be clawed back, encouraging growth in relationships with them.

This may change how many families cohabitate as well. Many that are disabled can’t live with family. To them it’s not an option because of the income rules, and the disabled afraid of losing their benefits.

Basic Income could lead to a Single Disabled Person receive a 1,161 PERCENT increase in income with just a Minimum Wage Job in Ontario.

Basic Income in the PBO form would transform a Single Disabled person on the Ontario Disability Support Program by an increase of 73% overnight.

With a Federal Basic Income it changes the Provinces to keep up with reform, which could open the door to higher incomes gaining provincial benefits such Dental, Prescription and Optical.

By just eliminating the “Basic Needs and Shelter” allowances, and letting a Federal Basic Income do that support, we free up resources for better things like Schools, Day Cares, Warehouses, Infrastructure, Job Creation and more. It’s about making resources more available in the administration sector too.

We need to examine how a Basic Income is not only important to Mental Health, but also financial health and how we can lessen the carbon footprint of them as well by qualifying families with loved ones in the PwD category to live in the same home again.

As of this article, it has been 446 days since the 2020 Throne Speech. CERB took 18 days.

Where are our leaders?

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