Will Australia, South Korea, and United States Beat Canada in the race to Basic Income?

Basic Income in Canada would be the equivalent of 4 in 5 Australians

Basic Income is not a radical idea. However with a proper look at the numbers as per the PBO version, it can be certain to lift the lowest in the poverty spectrum.

Each year that Provincial Governments stall on raising rates to inflation have a consistent cumlative effect on them. Imagine keeping the same job, same hours, never deviating, getting extra hours, or getting a raise. Years later, your drowning in debt.

Basic Income would boost Disability rates by
over 100% nationwide

This is their reality. We need to JumpStart them back into the 21st century. Its expensive to live, to have access to internet to have doctors appointments, consultations, mental health, access to healthy food, medicines not covered by Provincial plans.

By uploading the costs of “Basic Needs” and “Shelter” we can utilize the provincial governments for Special Supports and Coverages. This encourages growth in every community across Canada at once, which in turn gives everyone in the Disabled community a equal chance at breaking out into the Workforce without fear of losing benefits for a job.

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