Why not quit your job then?

The reality is, during previous studies it has been shown that people do not tend to quit their jobs in exchange for a Basic Income. Why? Well because it’s not actually designed to be your sole-source of income, it’s intended to be Basic.

It is much more than traditional Income Support Programs currently in existence. It PAYS you to work, by not being as intrusive on the claw back. Remember, here we example “Scenario 3” which is 15% on each dollar earned not 50%.

If the Minimum Wage is $14 per hour, and a standard work week is 40 Hours PAID (We’re not talking unpaid lunches here) then they could receive around $1,040 a month if they earned $30,000 in 2021.

Same example as above but with a Couple/Household. That Household would still receive around $1,791 a month. Now if they BOTH had Minimum Wage jobs @ 40hr/wk, then they would get $1,416 a month. Only a difference of $4500 a year not $15000.

Scenario Comparison : Household Rate

For the Disabled add $6,000 per PWD upto 2 per household.

Not Means tested
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