Why Basic Income?

Why should we support it?

Is it the “Great Global Reset”? NO. What about all those who would quit their jobs? The data doesn’t support that. But they canceled the pilot in Ontario saying it didn’t work and was too expensive! Did you see how they made license plates?

Basic Income is about Stability and Economic Recovery while lowering Poverty related services & costs at the same time, nationwide. It would be the highest participatory program in the nation, perhaps even more so than our Health care system. But in order for it to have the maximum support possible, we need to endure the highest program, maybe not forever, but at the start, to ensure that as Canadians climb in income, they aren’t disqualified and turn negatively on the support that got them there.

Traditonal support systems we have today, such known as Welfare, Disabililty Benefits, Employment Transition Benefits, Unemployment, Medical Leave, they were all designed for a 1 or 2 job society. Not the Gig Economy, Online Entrepreneurship, and Small Business society of today. Our economy has shifted with technology, and in the meantime our Social Support system is outdated and burdened with over testing, regulated poverty, and endured hardship to even pay the rent. It’s grotesquely counter productive. We need a system that encourages growth in income.

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