What NOT to do to UBI in Canada

We all think UBI and hear “Universal” and think that’s not possible because then the rich don’t need it, they won’t want to pay for it, and it will make people rich. However we also hear “It will make my tax bracket too high in the end costing me money” and that is also true. When drafting a UBI we have to be careful of not making too many restrictions on it, or giving too many back-doors for creditors and even the own government from clawing back a benefit designed to enhance the economy and guarantee living.

1, Restrict the ability for other Government Bodies to Claw back the benefit for money owed. This discourages growth and only backtracks the solution. By allowing claw backs, garnishments, etc of a UBI we can’t guarantee they can get by. It defeats the purpose.

2, Designate UBI an “Essential Monetary Benefit” that can not be used in a court settlement, family court garnishment (they will have their own UBI), and cannot be used in a divorce either. This benefit should be tied to that person or the one in care of the child during the current tax year.

3, Limit the income threshold on a scaling basis above $40,000 to $60,000 per individual or $200,000 to $240,000 per household. (Excl. 16+ if no Child Benefit portion is paid to Parent/Guardian)

4, Restrict Community Organizations from clawing back the benefit for children in care. Instead redirect directly to the Guardian. This will ensure no Administrative losses happen or surpluses in coffers to be abused.

5, Restrict any claw back or legislative loop-hole from stopping an inheritance from savings or investments from the UBI to a family member or designee upon death. This will ensure all the wealth and growth of the UBI retains into the family/generational structure. Creating life-long investments into society while recovering from savings of other sectors.

How do we pay for it?

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