We need real answers not half attempts that includes a new report

I love the work that the Parliamentary Budget Officer does for our country. However, I believe that the latest report is missing vital information. There were 4 reports done, and the next one needs more data.

This petition is asking the government to repeat the report done in 2020, as well as include the other two scenarios which were 25% and 15% means testing resulting in 7 to 11 million more Canadians being included which wasn’t done the last time.

Today I signed the Petition for a new Benefit Analysis of in Canada. Through this, I support helping up to 19,886,000 Canadians, from #PwD to #EssentialWorkers. Sign it today and help us make change for the better.

One thought on “SIGN THE PETITION

  1. I have to live month to month. Alot of months shorting out on food and more cuz we cant afford all things and odsp does not go up when life prices go up and some things arent even covered or barely to the point its not worth the hassle of all the jumps to do for the little help that is approved for some things…
    Please re look into this and i personally know Joseph Vander Meer…he KNOWS what i and many cope with and what we do just to get by. He also knows his math and THESE NUMBERS, THE RIGHT ONES.
    Please just hear him out and check out the info!!!!!!
    This will help many!!!!!

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