We need real answers not half attempts that includes a new report

I love the work that the Parliamentary Budget Officer does for our country. However, I believe that the latest report is wrong. There were 4 reports done, and the latest used a reference rate that was not the correct model for 2022 but that of a 2018 rate. It was significantly lower that would change even the smallest scenario by very much.

This petition is asking the government to repeat the report as well as include the other two scenarios which were 25% and 15% means testing resulting in 7 to 11 million more Canadians being included.

You can learn more about the error by clicking on the Learn More tab below.

After you have signed the Petition it will require you to verify your email. Then we politely ask if you have Twitter to click the Tweet below to show your support and ask others to sign in your circle. Thank you again.

Today I signed the Petition for a new Benefit Analysis of #BasicIncome in Canada. Through this, I support helping up to 19,886,000 Canadians, from #PwD to #EssentialWorkers. Sign it today and help us make change for the better.

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