‘Safe restart’ of Canadian economy will take 6-8 months, Freeland says

Chrystia Freeland was reported to have said that the Canadian Economy may need 6-8 months of slow starting the economy safely. This means that thousands of Canadians will be left behind by expiring EI claims, CERB ending October 3, CEWS capped, and more.

With Seniors only getting up to $600 for the entire disaster, EI had no boost at all not even in the weeks eligible, Canada Child Benefit only getting one boost while children remain at home for months, we have to start to wonder if the Canadian Government is more worried about businesses and the economy than it’s own citizens.

Universal Basic Income if implemented back in March could have saved thousands of man hours at the CRA, eliminated the chance of fraud, and we would have had 3 months already of condensing our expensive social service programs.

Instead, we are left with debt that our Grandchildren will be paying off, while tenants are evicted, commercial businesses go bankrupt, and chaos continues in our daily lives.

Please be sure to sign the petition as displayed on the front page and support the implementation of Basic Income to our great country that years from now, we can look back and know our children won’t suffer from the capitalism that we face today.

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