OPINION: #SayYesToODSP today

Recently the Doug Ford Government announced the 2022 Budget for Ontario. It did not include a raise for ODSP and Ontario Works Recipients.

For those about to click off, and say “I’ve heard this story before” oh no you haven’t. I know, I’m scouring the web every day. You may think you know it all, but unfortunately for most Canadians, they don’t, and the reason why is because only 1 in 20 get Social Assistance.

Ontarians are about to head to the polls in less than a month, with hopes of huge infrastructure projects, Billions and Billions for sectors, but one of the most expensive sectors in Ontario’s Budget seemingly went unnoticed when it came to the piper assuming responsibility.

While the Budget shocked the province that a Progressive Conservative government touted a $19 Billion Deficit, in days later was found to have $15 Billion in unallocated funds over it’s 5 year plan.

So what haven’t you heard before? He’s got 3x as much unallocated funds as it costs for that pesky 20% increase the NDP are platforming on. So why still Zero?

Being Conservative isn’t a bad thing at times, that’s the beauty of our democracy in Canada. When the province as a whole majorily asks us to keep our books in check, that is one thing. However, I’m sure no riding as a whole asked us to freeze them out entirely for 4 years.

Ontario is weeks away from an Election, will Doug Ford retract his Budget and properly take care of 863,000 Ontarians or will he let those ridings have it on their conscious.

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