New Low Income Measure sends Basic Income in Canada up 17% in 4 years

On July 13, 2022 Statistics Canada released the new Low Income Measure statistics for 2020 thanks to the Canada Census 2021. During which period, compared to the rates of the Ontario GLBI Pilot program have raised by 17% in four years.

Here is the breakdown of the numbers:

Individual Low Income Measure 2020: $26,503
Household (2) Low Income Measure 2020: $37,480

GLBI Rates adjusted to the Low Income Measure:
Individual: $19,877 or $1,656/m
Household: $28,110 or $2,342/m
Individual 1 PWD: $25,877 or $2,156/m
Couple 1 PWD: $34,110 or $2,842/m
Couple 2 PWD: $40,110 or $3,342/m

Now is it time to start doing a new Cost Benefit Analysis? I think so.

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