Low Income and Ethnic Communities continue to be at Risk

new analysis conducted by CBC News of cases in Montreal found strong correlations linking higher rates of COVID-19 infections with low-income neighbourhoods and neighbourhoods with higher percentages of Black residents.

Limitations on available data may hide the full extent of what happened as COVID-19 spread across the country, but a similar analysis conducted by Global News of neighbourhoods in Toronto found “a strong association between high coronavirus rates and low income, conditions of work, visible minority status and low levels of education.”

Public health officials in Ontario reported last week that the rates of infection and death from COVID-19 were disproportionately higher in the province’s most ethnically and culturally diverse neighbourhoods.

While the Federal Canadian Government is in recess again until later this week, more and more studies are being released showing Basic Income or a program of equal magnitude can help these very same people by helping and not limiting their potential. Along with Seniors and Disabled that are last to receive support it shows that our system is designed to only help 1 type of people at a time instead of a broad mutually acceptable non-biased approach.

The risk to our low income and ethnically diverse neighbourhoods deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. That means, guaranteeing the right to live without fear of bottoming out. By injecting Basic Income nationwide we can help to end this systemic violence, bias, racism, and more by giving everyone a chance.

We are talking about stripping down the barriers. Giving more rights to live and prosper. It also gives these communities less of a chance of being defrauded. Many low income communities can suffer from local theft. This can lead to identity theft. By using a nationwide Basic Income, we are helping to put a check-and-balance in place that stops people from losing their benefits, their home, which can lead to desperation.

It stops the targeting of reno-victions , evictions due to late rent, claiming family will move in when its to raise the rent, gives greater demand for better living accommodations which can drastically improve low-income or subsidized living communities. Tearing down the wage gaps, better working conditions. We are talking about a complete National Game Changer.

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