In 3 months CERB paid the equivalent of UBI and now people are going to jail

As of June 4, the federal government has paid out $43.5-billion in CERB support.

As reported by Global News back on April 17, 2018, 2 Years later our Parliamentary Budget Officer said that a UBI would cost $43 billion per year. How can a PBO be so wrong about the cost of a UBI if it only took 3 months for Canada to spend the same amount only 2 years later.

Granted there is some fraud out there, but officials had predicted that to be only 1-2%. We as a society have to stop and pause. Have we really been spending so much that we can’t even keep track of our Social Programs.

Much earlier in this blog we talked about how the Canadian government in 2018 spent $162.5 Billion in Social Programs and that was just what this author could find. There is probably Billions more disguised as extra benefits.

We need to implement UBI as a standard for the nation so we can scale back the unnecessary spending that is not helping our population but that of the businesses/personnel that administrate it.

Instead our wonderful government has decided to jail and fine fraudsters, and create even more backlog into our Justice System while draining families of thousands of dollars in fines. Some of these families who may have had no other choice but to file to stay alive, will now have to owe at least 200% of it back along with possible jail sentences. We are punishing our poorest when we told them to stay home.

UBI is a standard in which we must come to accept otherwise this fall, we may see yet another wave and spend more again.

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