How would UBI affect housing?

By creating a Universal Basic Income in Canada, we would be changing the residential housing market over night. Not only would the prospect of being a landlord be more appealing and investing in housing would boom, but the standards in which a landlord can keep a tenant will be improved as well.

When the demand for housing would go up, simply because there is now millions of families that have the opportunity to not rely on just their paycheck to pay the rent, but also because now Students, Low Credit Earners, Disabled, Working, Unemployed now have a stable source of income in which to pay that rent. Landlords now know that people have more flexibility in their budget.

Now as the market saturates because of the increase in people looking for homes (eg. Sheltered Individuals, Homeless now with income, Abused victims with own income, etc) the standards in which the apartments or homes are will be increased because people now have more flexibility in moving costs.

The more stable the housing market is, the more we can avoid a disaster like this in Covid-19 where everyone needs a mortgage deferral or some kind of handout. It will already be in place.

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