Housing and Basic Income’s Impact

How does Basic Income impact the Housing Market and wouldn’t it drive prices up?

In plain English… No. It doesn’t drive up the housing market, that’s already up. Our market is highly saturated with investors buying up our rental space. In the meantime, with unaffordability rampant, we are just stoking the fire, by allowing everyone to not be able to pay their rent. As people move, the demand and prices go up. By providing a Basic Income we lower the demand on housing. thus making the market more competitive.

This in turn, impacts your living conditions. With less crime, and healthier neighbours, we can enjoy planting that garden, creating safe spaces to play, better access to child care, and not just by the professionals at daycares, but by making it more affordable to pay a babysitter, help family stay together in bigger housing, and hereditary passing of houses over time.

Our rental market is fragile, only because the unaffordability across the nation is driving prices higher as there isn’t enough housing for everyone. We’ve increased our population by over 50% in the last 100 years. The growth is here, but the structures are not. We need to make it easier for families to cohabitate and decrease their carbon footprint at the same time.

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