Current Comparisons of Basic Income versus Current Programs

Here is a list of our Current Comparisons of the Basic Income Rates in the PBO Report released last week, and the current programs across the Country.

Why is there 3 Scenarios?

Scenario 1 – Cheapest Version – Only up to $35k Income – 50% Claw Back
Scenario 2 – Middle Version – Only up to $70k Income – 25% Claw Back
Scenario 3 – Expensive Version – Up to $120k Income – 15% Claw Back

Note: These charts are Not Peer Reviewed and should be considered “Opinion” until verified. If you can verify these documents numbers please contact us to confirm.

Please note this is still a work in progress…

Alberta Works – Single Recipient – Private Housing
Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3

Ontario Works – Single Recipient
Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3

Ontario Works – Couple
Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3

ODSP – Single Recipient
Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3

#BasicIncome is needed in #Canada

Here are some of the reasons why.

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The charts used in the video…

Please note folks, I am not perfect nor are these 100% accurate. These charts do NOT take into couples, account for repercussions such as losing the GST credit & Personal Income Tax exemptions, the list of tax credits that the PBO suggested is ⬇️

Tax Credits suggested by PBO in their report.

Full report is here…–costing-guaranteed-basic-income-during-covid-pandemic–estimation-couts-lies-un-revenu-base-garanti-pendant-pandemie-covid-19

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