Closing Businesses, Vacation Time Fraud, Political Stalemates and more

Scientists stress that just because someone has recovered from Covid-19 and produced antibodies to the coronavirus does not mean they are protected from contracting it a second time. No one’s yet proven that.

With the economy in an unprecedented time, we are starting to see the financial repercussions of the lockdown. Closing businesses, evictions, business asking employees to forgo their vacation time to save jobs.

With evictions being delayed by the coronavirus some tenants aren’t being respectful of the property in which they rent. Some have even left their homes trashed.

Ongoing wage gaps between Disabled, Seniors, Veterans and anyone on an existing social program have either seen minimal response with aid, or none at all with claw backs against the CERB benefit if they do work resulting in losses not gains.

In today’s society, we have the ability through technology and human rights to guarantee a floor in which we can’t fall below. Instead, the government would rather see Evictions, Bankruptcies, Companies shutting down, and giving bailouts to multi-million and even multi-billion dollar companies and organizations.

Our Federal government has still not been able to come up with support for our Seniors, most of which have lost loved ones, their own lives, or are at greater risk of infection because they don’t have access to help for additional supplies such as their own masks, sanitizer, etc.

If our Federal Government had spent just as much time on as the CERB, we would have already changed the way we issue support, our lower tier governments would be SHRINKING their budgets not expanding them for the same supports, and us as taxpayers would be saving Interest on funds borrowed for years.

Instead we are going to continue on the same path. Basic Income had a spectacular chance but now is a moot subject compared to CERB and the liberal party has concluded that we just didn’t want it bad enough.

We can’t continue to spend hundreds of billions a year without stopping to make sure we are doing it in the most cost-effective and supportive way for our citizens.

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