OPINION: Ontario saves $21 Billion since 2018 avoiding Basic Income for OW and ODSP Recipients.

The results are startling… We’re going to compare Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program based on their statistics keeping it at maximum Shelter and Basic Needs allowances versus a Basic Income at 75% of the poverty level. For this comparison we are going to use any scenario of Basic Income by the PBO as […]

Sarnia’s Mayor urges Ottawa to start a GBI

Sarnia’s mayor says the time has come for Canada to implement a guaranteed basic income. The concept of a new and simplified income security program has gained traction during the pandemic, with the federal government’s Canada Emergency Relief Benefit, or CERB, coming close to a basic income measure. See more at: https://thesarniajournal.ca/mayor-urges-ottawa-to-start-a-guaranteed-basic-income/