Welcome Canada to the Canada Housing Benefit (Day 1)

Twitter Style… Liberals were quick to show off the benefit. Advocates rejoiced… TrippleWhammy… Canada Housing Benefit is already a disaster online. Many recipients are realizing that they will be disqualified or having technical difficulties. Some are just waiting for bad news. Why do we even put up with this after something that took months to […]

Majority of Canadian Senate now in Support of Guaranteed Livable Basic Income thanks to Senator Kim Pate’s Ambition

It’s 2022, Two Years since the Pandemic started to affect Canadians from sea to sea to sea. This has been a rough and troubling time, and for the first time in what seems like years, there is some good progress being made in the drive towards a national Guaranteed Livable Basic Income. Today, Senator Kim […]

OPINION: Ontario saves $21 Billion since 2018 avoiding Basic Income for OW and ODSP Recipients.

The results are startling… We’re going to compare Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program based on their statistics keeping it at maximum Shelter and Basic Needs allowances versus a Basic Income at 75% of the poverty level. For this comparison we are going to use any scenario of Basic Income by the PBO as […]