UBI Should be the CANADA Benefit

CANADA Benefit – Ambitiously named for what it represents … Canada’s Ambitious National Aggregating Destiny Assistance – A TRUE Universal Basic Income Benefit backed by the future savings of multiple sectors that helps to stimulate and continue to grow the economy in one program versus hundreds.

We could continue to develop individualized support programs one step at a time, or we can launch the greatest initiative to increase the method in which we support our economy.

How many people in Canada really live near the poverty line? There really is no way to tell. Sure you can look at their Income made in the previous year maybe your looking back 10, but in today’s society it isn’t quite that simple.

Financial advisors are there to help you, but even they don’t have a crystal ball. Take Freeland’s take on Crystal Balls…


Not even the Government does, and so anyone is susceptible to a disaster, unexpected expense, even some officials saying some Canadians can’t even get through a $300 expense.

Creating a UBI and implementing it is a big endeavor, to some they think the government can just create the cash and send it electronically but they do have to guarantee it, perhaps even borrow it themselves, so the best way to do it is Federally so it’s cheaper to borrow and easier to fund.

Who does it help, many more than we can imagine. Not only does it help the taxpayer at the beginning but depending on what they spend it on, then those spend it on, it can trickle into the entire economy in just a matter of months.

The beginning may be shaky, your going to find programs who close up quickly, some who may pay out to the end of their year, some may even try to claw it back so that’s why protections like in our entry of What NOT to do to UBI in Canada are important.

One example may be a UBI starts on July 1, 2021 and the Provincial Welfare program refuses to pay the benefit of June 30, 2021 for the month of July, this can create a gap between Benefits, Income Supports, etc but if we legislate it to exempt payments from those until December 31, 2021 you can create a surplus for 6 months that increases the likeliness of a successful gain to employment/increase in living standards, debt recovery stimulating income strapped businesses. An example of this is a “Living Room Rental” from a Rental agency. It may be in collections and about to be lost, instead the family uses the UBI in the initial payment to catch up improving credit and preventing loss and less value on home mental happiness. Lowers – Councilling and Mental stress – Lowers Hospital/Doctors Visits – Lowers Justice – Lowers Home Evictions – Its a never-ending circle.

Post-Secondary Students are a key to our future success. Currently Provincial Bodies and Grants/Subsidies make the majority of Student Debt-Relief, by having a UBI it can provide stability for the student to provide for meals, shelter, school supplies, while not draining loans from banks or parents.

This has a secondary effect as well, Parents wont have to save to the extreme for a good education, this can help in the immediate term with better housing for the family, higher educative costs like experiments at home or needed equipment. This could lead to the next energy discovery for all we know.

Seniors – Instead of scraping by on CPP/OAS/GAINS/Pensions that may loose value they can have a stable payment who can be legislated to actually increase with GDP ensuring the gap from living 60-80 on the dependency of investment growth to match increase of living costs. Any loss can decrease the monthly payments they already have to rely on.

Small Business Growth – Most small entrepreneurs will face a time where they have to use Business growth to pay the bills at home. By having a UBI those new business owners can keep the Business money where it is needed to grow while having stability at home while they invest their time to grow our local economy.

Increased Income vs Shelter Costs – This is the most important value to the pockets of the poor. If it doesn’t cost as much from the income of work to pay the rent, it can decrease mental stress and actually encourage efficiency at work. You now feel like the work income is helping more for the family. This decreases costs for products in commercial savings to counter the increase in demand/growth of a UBI to make sure our GDP doesn’t explode beyond current GDP income ratio too much.

With the increased demand for healthier foods and more access to food we can encourage growth of our Grocery sector and less food waste. This will help to keep costs in check because more demand will decrease costs in the factories and farms or create expansion to save more and as a side-effect decrease emissions. Saving our Environment as well.

Giving medium-income families a chance to breathe. Some may be one transaction away from not paying the bills. A UBI gives them a chance to breathe while encouraging growth from all sectors. Everyone is unique, so why can’t we encourage it?

Artists, Truck Drivers, Disabled, Indigenous, Abused Women, Abused Children (More access to stability creates more opportunities for Foster Families), Decreases likeliness of Child Labour, Small business entrepreneurs, self-employed, Young Adults…

Even most of our Government officials or lower-tier employed by government institutions or parties would have a floor that wouldn’t depend on Donations to political parties to participate. This would lower the risk of fraud and deception from isolated greed. It could make the difference from someone encouraging an official having been desperate enough to take a deal that costs our government Billions. I’m not saying it’s happened, but it’s in the movies, it could happen. A UBI removes that desperation that our human nature can endure deep in our sub-conscious.

From a child going into adulthood, a Canada’s Ambitious National Aggregating Destiny Assistance Benefit could help Millions of future generations by continually creating Destiny projects nationwide. 2020 has been a rough year for everyone not just what certain programs qualify you for.

The existing programs will adapt and still support us as they will strive to exist and retune their efforts, meanwhile everyday a Canadian becomes homeless, someone is beaten or abused, someone that has spent their entire life saving up has it ripped away in a phone call of a scammer when they could be living with family comfortably with more than $500-$1000 a month to survive or face a LTC home.

Everyone deserves a chance to have a floor, we hope you sign the petitions and help us make a better Canada for tomorrow.

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