Before Wednesday’s Confidence Vote, Can we show them some polling?

Tomorrow; Wednesday June 17, 2020, we will see our Canadian Federal Parliament sit and debate about the immediate future of our country. With millions of residents coming to the expiry of their Canadian Emergency Response Benefit after 8 weeks, they will be extended another 8, as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said today (Tuesday).

Before his announcement last night, we created a poll on Twitter to ask Canadians if they would support a Basic Income. After the announcement this morning from JT saying he will extend the CERB benefit, we launched a second poll in which asked Canadians if they would like to continue CERB or go to Basic Income.

We are asking all of our great followers and their kin, to express their desire for a Basic Income. We always encourage everyone to sign the petitions as described above, but we are hoping that this quick polling can help our local MPs to make an informed choice and not just that of the “experts” under the governments employ.

Vote today, and we can hope to make a difference in not just those millions, but all of those that suffer in poverty, the inability to grow, and the ones we have already lost that could have been prevented.

Click on the images below of the poll in which you want to participate on. You can do both. We hope you do. Have a great day.

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