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61% – 87% In favor of a Basic Income

Ahh Summer… How we’ve missed you. As the summer approaches the news becomes a little clearer, trickling in, slowly and with alarm bells. Communities are reopening, parks are filling up, businesses restarting, doctors appointments resuming, and vacationers planning. A new AngusReid poll has been released showing an average 61% of Canadians in favor of a […]

Closing Businesses, Vacation Time Fraud, Political Stalemates and more

Scientists stress that just because someone has recovered from Covid-19 and produced antibodies to the coronavirus does not mean they are protected from contracting it a second time. No one’s yet proven that. With the economy in an unprecedented time, we are starting to see the financial repercussions of the lockdown. Closing businesses, evictions, business asking employees to […]

Back Up, Hold On, What If…

It is June 11, 2020… A gloomy Thursday. Most of the Country is still Sheltering-in-place. Some have been working through the entire pandemic, some have been unemployed since March. But to those that were previously unemployed, claiming social assistance, disabled, seniors, homeless… your already being helped… so your last on the priority list. To the […]

UBI Should be the CANADA Benefit

CANADA Benefit – Ambitiously named for what it represents … Canada’s Ambitious National Aggregating Destiny Assistance – A TRUE Universal Basic Income Benefit backed by the future savings of multiple sectors that helps to stimulate and continue to grow the economy in one program versus hundreds. We could continue to develop individualized support programs one […]