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How does Basic Income for Singles compare to current Welfare rates?

Using $18,329 which is 75% of the Poverty Rate for 2020, we compare the basic full support of provincial assistance (welfare) for single individuals over a 12 month period and compared it to the rate of Basic Income. British Columbia+36.6% Ontario+48.0% PEI+70.7% Alberta+56.7% Quebec+41.4% Newfoundland and Labrador+34.5% Saskatchewan+43.1% New Brunswick+37.0% Manitoba+52.1% Nova Scotia+45.0% Disgusting isn’t […]

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Canada Expands Lockdown Benefit Temporarily giving Canadians nothing to write home about

Have you read the terms of the new temporary lockdown benefit expansion? Do you even qualify? This is just going to be one big national disaster. With the new “Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit (CWLB)” being temporarily expanded to Feb. 12, 2022 they are opening the floodgates of those that are being restricted down in the […]

Will the Federal Government stand up for PwD in 2021-22?

COVID19 entered our country and changed the economic situation of every single Canadian. Yet, throughout the pandemic Social Supports for the Disabled have yet to materialize. What will this mean for the Disabled? On September 23, 2020 they were promised help. The Liberal Government of Canada had announced a new benefit called the “Canada Disability […]

Will Australia, South Korea, and United States Beat Canada in the race to Basic Income?

Basic Income is not a radical idea. However with a proper look at the numbers as per the PBO version, it can be certain to lift the lowest in the poverty spectrum. Each year that Provincial Governments stall on raising rates to inflation have a consistent cumlative effect on them. Imagine keeping the same job, […]