A letter to the past…

Dear 2020, let me tell you a few things about the next two years… we left people behind.

Welcome to 2022, it’s been two years dealing with COVID-19. At this point, we’re trying to undo some of the drastic harm that’s come out of a little known ignorance that once was tolerable to a point of skepticism. It used to be about jobs, and lack of resources, but after the last two years, I’m sending this message in a bottle back hoping you’ll see a few errors in the ways…

COVID-19 did not last 2 weeks, nor did it last 2 years. We’re still fighting it, it’s still closing down classrooms, it’s still locking up Long Term Home’s visits, no they don’t have us seperated by glass anymore, you can see your family, honestly we don’t even test the GenPop anymore. It’s all winding down while positivity rates go up. Why? Well we’re past another Federal Election, yeah it happened, No it didn’t change anything, and guess what, we have 3,633,948 infected and 38,363 dead.

We spent vast amounts of money trying to stop COVID, we even shut down the entire economy, told people to stay home, went through years of restrictions and mandates, even had the biggest protest that actually enacted the first time used “Emergencies Act” and while doing it, we went through over Half a Trillion Dollars doing it. Yeah, I just spat up my coffee too.

We went through everything folks, political divide, austerity to massive stimulus, rock bottom interest rates that made homes go from $250,000 average to $400,000 within months. But inflation was blamed on politics not real issues, people are going mad at aspects like Guaranteed Livable Basic Income because someone tweeted you wouldn’t get EI or benefits if you didn’t take the vaccine. It has been a horrible horrible couple of years, especially for the Disabled. You see, they were promised help in the beginning, they got one check many many months later, even after horses were taken care of, but in the end, nothing changed for them.

We’re not talking peanuts here folks, you see places like Ontario took advantage of it, they continued to freeze things on the people who didn’t work, so that way, it made their budget easier. Tens of Thousands of people owe thousands back, because of either taxes, ineligibility or more. The housing market isn’t doing good, we’re still only building about 2% of the homes needed.

But the big cornerstone of everything is how even in 2022, we didn’t even spend as much as 1/1000th of the budget on the Disabled. The biggest piece was an Employment Strategy for them, a 5 year plan that the funding amounted to about 100 hours per person per year. But only for 40,000. If it helps 80,000 jobs, then that’s 50 hours a year. That’s minimum wage kinda talk. Pathetic.

When questioned about it, the usual reference is to the Employment Strategy which is seriously underfunded and underreaching. It will negate most effects on Social Services, because most already have a job. Instead helping the employers and community programs mostly without financial help for those in need.

We did a study on GLBI back in 2020, but that was the last time, and even though it showed it could help up to 20 million people, it was shunned as too expensive and shelved. Yet, to help 20 million homes, the report said it would cost under $200 Billion, a far cry from what we actually had spent. In fact CERB for only 6 months amounted to $80+ Billion. While helping less than 9 million Canadians and it took an overhaul of EI to do it.

Our Elderly Benefits in Canada is going to exceed the cost of a massive GLBI just in under 10 years, so doesn’t it make more sense to deal with the problem now, and not years from now? I mean, their answer is a 3 year study costing nearly $12 million to figure out people need money. I don’t need to spend $12 million to figure that out. Do you?

I urge you to reconsider your actions, before thousands of people die, we know, we already lost them.


For The Future

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