Basic Income in Canada could have helped 19,912,000 Million Canadians during 2023-24

Income inequality is too much to ignore. The cost of living in Canada has outpaced the average worker's salary, in some jurisdictions, the cost of living can exceed two incomes, while those who depend on programs to survive have had rates stagnated by budget cuts or unkept promises. 


Middle class workers are in need of help just as much as our most vulnerable. When you factor in the thought of how much a person earned in the 60's to 80's, and how much the Cost of Living was, comparing it to today, (considering each social system actually raised their rates to inflation every year) they should be covered under our social system. Canada has the opportunity and the knowledge to create a program that benefits ALL Canadians without an application or waiting game.


We're re-building our website and resources due to the new Liberal Party promise of a Cost Benefit and Distributional Analysis on GLBI for Scenarios 1, 2, and 3... we will be re-launching soon with a new look, and new charts for you to study!


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