Basic Income could encompass 19,911,000 Canadians to SUCCESS

For the 2023-24 Tax Year

Guaranteed Livable Basic Income is about three core principles:

1. It is geared to 75% of the Low Income Measure – the median income for a household of 4 regionally, then dividing it. So when inflation which is costs going up, the Basic Income would go up. So it did between 2018 and 2020, and again from 2020 and 2022 by over 12 percent.

2. It has NON-means tested portion (Reduction in Basic Income for each dollar earned) for the Disabled meaning they can work or their spouse/child can without it being as negatively effect their income.

3. Making sure that no Canadian between the ages of 17 and 64 go without at all. We’ve been doing this for Children and Seniors for decades, but no protection has ever been in place as a minimum income that ensures Canadians don’t go into poverty over rent and food.

HOWEVER, we can’t be fooled by thinking they have even addressed Scenario 3 at all, in fact, there is not one mention of it on Twitter by any official except the PBO’s report, news article, or any form of investigative method on it. No one noticed.

So what am I doing here? Well, I’ve started a Petition to ask the Government to do a new study. I know, I know, waste of time right? WRONG. We need to convince the taxpayers and our officials it is cheaper per person to invest into a program for 19 million Canadians than it is to continue pumping the same amount of money into 8 million with a lot of administrative baggage.

I hope you enjoy this website and find at least some of the talking points to jog your imagination. You all are worth the investment in life to help not only better society for everyone, but for the future generations to come who won’t have to struggle like we did.

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GLBI.CA is our new Guaranteed Livable Basic Income FORUM

Yes it looks old, but I promise you, it’s all about the Future


Looking at these programs — the CRB, CRCB, CRSB, CERB, CESB, CEWS and CERS — where would a person go to begin to apply for help? The eligibility criteria change every day. One day you’re on EI, the next one carries you to the CERB, and then back to EI. For a lot of Canadians, it was their first time turning to government programs for support, and it must have been an even more difficult experience to get the answers and support they needed.

Hon. Rose-May Poirier, Canadian Senate March 16, 2021

I checked out For The Future at about a GLBI . It might not be but it’s close!