Engineering Programs and Careers in Canada

Are you interested in becoming an engineer? This is one of the most prevalent and in-demand professions around the world. Engineers are needed in all kinds of businesses, from hotels to:


  1. Electronics Engineer – The most common degree of engineering, electronics engineers work for media and telecommunications companies. They are responsible for your electronic devices, wireless technologies, television and Internet management, and mobile networks.
  2. Electrical Engineer – Electrical engineers control power and electrical supplies. They handle transformers, generators, power lines, and power distributors all over the world.
  3. Mechanical Engineer – As a mechanical engineer, you will be working with machineries such as cars, HVAC equipment, appliances, and other man-made equipment.
  4. Civil Engineer – The job of a civil engineer is construction, particularly buildings, bridges, and roads. They work closely with architects to develop sound infrastructures for long-term use.
  5. Petroleum Engineer – Petroleum engineers work in the oil and gas industry like CBW Engineering where you can make millions. You can pursue a career as a petroleum engineer in Canada. There are various schools for petroleum engineering Calgary has to offer.
  6. Chemical Engineer – A chemical engineer works with chemicals and various substances to develop useful new products. This job is highly in demand within the food and personal care industry.
  7. Safety Engineer – Safety engineers are primarily needed in construction sites and workfields. They oversee the safety of the environment and equipment, ensuring that there are no risks to workers.
  8. Sanitary Engineer – Sanitation is needed for the entire city to remain clean and pollution-free. Sanitary engineers assist in the development of proper waste disposal systems, either for toxic or non-toxic wastes.
  9. Geological Engineer – Geological engineers work with land, soil, rocks, and metals to develop various tools and equipment which are helpful to humankind. They are the ones that work with titanium to develop safe medical prosthetics.
  10. Computer Engineer – One of the most in-demand fields of engineering today, computer engineers, particularly software engineers, are needed in most tech companies. You will be assured of lifetime employment with this degree.


If you really want to become an engineer, it’s time for you to start reaching your dreams. Get into a good school, finish your degree, and pursue licensure. That way, you will be able to develop your skills and acquire the necessary knowledge before you are deployed into the field.

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