Adventure in the Canadian Rockies

Canada is famous for its picturesque landscapes, stunning mountain views, tranquil lakes and beautiful rugged outdoors. No wonder it is known as the ultimate destination of adventure seekers, mountain climbers, sports enthusiasts, nature lovers and even the laidback tourists. There are many wonderful things that you can explore and learn about Canada.Tourism in Canada is continuing to grow rapidly as more people are discovering the beauty of this country.

The Canadian Rockies

For nature and outdoor lovers, Canada has a plethora of breathtaking mountains and lakes. If you head over to the Canadian Rockies, you will see a vast of mountain ranges that has numerous peaks, jagged rocks, valleys and rivers. There are many locations that are popularly known as a UNESCO World Heritage Site which in effect brings in many tourists.

There are numerous mountains within the Canadian Rockies. The highest peak is in Mt. Robson which stands at an elevation of 12,972 ft. Mountain climbers find this hike challenging especially since it takes a week to climb up the summit. This makes this adventure appropriate for experienced mountaineers. Not far behind is the second highest peak is Mt. Columbia which happens to be the highest in Alberta with 12,293 ft. The climb is completed in two days but some hardcore mountaineers do it in one. The trek itself isn’t technical but requires glacier travel. The Canadian Rockies are jagged with heavy glaciers which in effect produces pointed mountain tops that are divided by valleys. Several national parks are situated in the Canadian Rockies and are all declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Banff National Park

Banff National Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country and is in fact, the most visited place in Alberta. Banff brings in millions of tourists every year.It has numerous rugged mountains which apparently at one point in time, were submerged in water. Today the mountain peaks are up to 3000 meter high. There are many options if you want to go mountain climbing in Banff. There are indoor climbing facilities for starters, while advanced mountaineers can opt for the Via Ferrata route. Here they will experience hiking along the glaciers of the Canadian Rockies. Mountain climbing in Banff National Park can vary depending on the season. Rock climbing is at its best during summer while you can experience ice climbing during winter. There are many adventure and outdoor tour groups that can teach you more about Canada and its many mountain ranges.

Banff is famous for its winter festival where many tourists fly to Canada for its winter sports activities. In addition to Banff’s unique and gorgeous scenery, there are several beautiful lakes that bring in a lot of tourists all year round. With its charming setting, Lake Louise is one of the most visited lakes in the world.

Getting familiar about Canada and its top tourist spots will help you plan your next adventure. There are many other places to see and visit depending on your itinerary. Wherever you choose to go, Canada will surely not disappoint you. Whether you are looking for a thrill seeking adventure in the mountains or perhaps a relaxing stay by the lake, you will definitely fall in love with Canada.


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